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CEV European Championship 2010 Junior Women SCD - Juniors Dames

Battle for gold medal

Luxembourg hosts final round of the Small Countries Division

by Anne Hasdorf


The upcoming weekend Luxembourg will fight in the Coque for the crown of the CEV European Championships 2010 in the category Junior Women Small Countries Division. Our talented team will face Ireland, Liechtenstein, Cyprus and Malta. The event starts on Thursday, 08th April 2010. The awarding ceremony then takes place on Saturday, 10th of April 2010.
Most of the girls around coach Andrej Gorbachev and assistant coach Ranguel Krivov - notably Hoffmann, Mach, Bichel, Alliaume, Braas and setter Breuer - also play for the Luxembourgish senior national team and already gained valuable experience during the Novotel-Cup in January 2010.
The entry is free and all Luxembourgish Volleyball fans are invited to enjoy this extraordinary event together with our team and the FLVB.


Thursday, 08.04.10
13.30h Liechtenstein – Cyprus
16.30h Ireland – Malta
19.30h Luxembourg - Liechtenstein

Friday, 09.04.10
12.00h Ireland – Luxembourg
14.30h Malte – Cyprus
18.00h Liechtenstein – Ireland
20.30h Luxembourg – Malta

Saturday, 10.04.10
13.00h Cyprus – Ireland
16.00h Malta – Liechtenstein
19.00h Cyprus – Luxembourg


More information can be found in the below documents.


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