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Novotel-Cup 2012 - Day 2

Tournament victory in the men's category within reach, solid team performance for women

by Anne Hasdorf


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Second day - the birthday party is still ongoing. Special guest on Friday: sports minister Romain Schneider. Yesterday, CEV president and FLVB president of honour André Meyer visited the 25th edition of the Novotel-Cup.

In the men's category the spectators could follow two 3:2 duels with characteristics of déjà-vue. Starting with the match between Denmark and England, Denmark was able to quickly lead 2:0. However, England turned the tight in the third set, by winning at the tight score of 24:26. Still leading 2:1, Denmark could not keep England under control as it did in the first two sets. England balanced at 23:25. In the tiebreak, Denmark however in the end had the whip end over England and celebrated its victory at 15:11.

The tiebreak was followed by a solid 3:0 victory of the young German talents against Scotland.


The Luxembourgish men's team around head coach Burkhard Disch encountered yesterday the well-known opponent from Scotland. In order to play a trick on the Scottish scouts, Disch rotated the positions and changed the libero. With setter Braas, outside hitters Stutz and Laevaert, middle blockers Lentz and Lux, diagonal player Vosahlo and libero De Castro Luxembourg was able to gain a one-point lead when entering the ten-point. Until the second technical time-out the lions were able to extend the lead until 16:13. Subsequent reception mistakes due to effective float serves by England balances the score at 18:18. Luxembourg changed the libero and Husi entered the court. Competitively, Luxembourg could win the first set in the end at 25:20. In the beginning of the second set, Luxembourg lost some points in a row, but could quickly catch up. Braas increasingly forced Scotland to only provide a one-person block against Vosahlo, whereas Stutz cleverly used feints against some three-person blocks. The host team worked itself up into a real frenzy until a solid lead at 20:15. The Scots adjusted themselves to the aggressive Luxembourgish way of playing and started to have success in the block. In the end, the five-points lead in the beginning was sufficient to win at 25:21.

In the third set Scotland used its power and motivation from the end of the second set to dominate the following round. Step by step Luxembourg fell behind. The home team committed many mistakes in attack, having difficulties with the own fast setting style. Disch replaced Braas with Jungers, but Luxembourg could not catch up and lost the third set at 17:25.

In the fourth set Disch continued with his starting six and libero Husi. However, the lions could still not cope with the newly acquired power of the Scottish attack and block. The guests fought for every ball and could balance the score at 17:25.

In the fifth set, Luxembourg again started with the same line-up, but the host team seemed to have regained its confidence. Scotland committed many self-made mistakes, due to a heavy lack of concentration. Finally, Luxembourg was happy to celebrate its second victory at 15:8. With a victory against Denmark today, Luxembourg could win the 25th edition of the prestigious Novotel-Cup.


The female lions around head coach Detlef Schönberg faced in their second match England. Schönberg started with Emeringer as setter, Braas and Mach as outside hitters, Hoffmann on the diagonal position, Alliaume and Steinbach as middle blockers as well as the young libero Godart. During the whole match England was the dominating party. In the first set, the opponents could extend the lead step by step. Above all, the English block and the incredible good defence presented a problem for the Luxembourgish attack, whereas the English serves did not cause any problem. It was just difficult to get the attacks effectively into the court. However, Luxembourg showed a solid team performance, which was nice to watch. In the end of the first round, the host team around captain Emeringer was close to balance the score, but England could finally win at 23:25. Second set, same picture. Even though Luxembourg could not catch up in the second set the host team showed a fresh motivation, effective combinations in the attack and a competitive spirit. England took the 2:0 lead at 21:25. In the third set, Schönberg tried to turn the table by changing the setting. The young setter Breuer entered the court and it worked. England could not adapt quickly enough to the new line-up. The one-legged attacks from Alliaume and Steinbach as well as the back-row attacks from Hoffmann destabilised the English defence. In the end, the audience cheered at the end score of 25:18 for Luxembourg.

In the fourth set, England came back into play and put Luxembourg enough under pressure in order to win the match at 21:25.

Even though the lions lost, they can be proud of a solid and above all constant performance.


Women's Team LUX: Alliaume, Braas, Breuer, Emeringer, Godart, Hoffmann, Mach, Palgen, Schmitt, Steinbach, Weber, F. Welsch, M. Welsch, Head Coach: Detlef Schönberg, Assistant Coach: Massimo Tarantini, Scout: Torsten Schoof, Physio: Mady Pelzer, Prep. Phys. Sonia Ilieva

Men's Team LUX: Angelsberg, Braas, Jungers, Koenig, Laevaert, Lentz, Lux, Maroldt, Stutz, Vosahlo, Libero: De Castro, Husi, Head Coach: Burkhard Disch, Assistant Coach: Michel Beautier, Scout: Dieter Scholl, Physio: Brigitte Schoos, Prep. Phys.: Sonia Ilieva



DEN - ENG 3:2 (25:20; 25:22; 24:26; 23:25; 15:11)
LUX - SCO 3:2 (25:20; 25:22; 17:25; 18:25; 15:8)

GER - SCO 3:0 (25:15; 25:17; 25:21)
LUX - ENG 1:3 (23:25; 21:25; 25:18; 21:25)



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