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Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Volleyball

Novotel Cup 2016


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  • Novotel-Cup 2016 - Trailer
  • Meet Oli de Castro Libero of TeamLuxembourg‬ @ Novotel Cup 2016 and listen to what he has to say about it.
  • Meet Gilles Braas, setter‬ of ‪TeamLuxembourg‬ at Novotel Cup 2016‬
  • In 2016 ‪Middleblock‬ of ‪TeamLuxembourg‬ is completed by Lara Ernster and we are glad to see her back on court @ Novotel Cup 2016.
  • Betty Hoffmann is back @ Novotel Cup in 2016 and will provide further options in outside ‪spiking‬ for ‪TeamLuxembourg‬.
  • What would a ‪‎setter‬ and a ‪libero‬ be without a ‪spiker‬ ? Watch Arnaud Maroldt and listen to his arguments to support ‪TeamLuxembourg‬ @ Novotel Cup 2016.
  • Tim Laevert , ‪outsidespiker‬ of ‪TeamLuxembourg‬ is ‪hot‬ to win Gold medal @ this years Novotel Cup
  • She is quick and she has the finest hands of Luxembourg‬. ‪Setter‬ Michèle Breuer of ‪TeamLuxembourg‬ knows who will we be the ‪go-to woman‬ @ ‪Novotel2016‬
  • She was candidate for best sportswoman in ‪Luxembourg‬ - she lives, studies and plays Volleyball @ 1. VC Wiesbaden and she will be part of ‪Novotel2016‬. Come and cheer for our ‪opposite‬ spiker Annalena Mach and help ‪TeamLuxembourg‬ to win the tournament.
  • This summer our Middleblocker‬ Chris Zuidberg joined Tours Volley-Ball in France Ligue Nationale Volley. We will surely take note of his improvements during ‪Novotel2016‬.
  • He's the ‪go-to guy‬ of ‪TeamLuxembourg‬, Kamil Rychlicki. Wanna kill the ball, set it to him, support Kamil and the whole Team @ Coque - Centre National Sportif et Culturel from 1st-3rd January.
  • She's one of the youngest in Edition 2016. With the experience of this year in ‪‎TeamLuxembourg‬ as well as in Luxembourg Novotel League, Liz Beffort can help FLVB Women in ‪Novotel Cup 2016‬ to reach higher.
  • Novotel2016‬ is just one step ahead and Isabelle Frisch tells you what you can expect from ‪TeamLuxembourg‬. Be part of it and see you tomorrow @ D'Coque - Centre National Sportif et Culturel.



Test Matches in Coque-Gymnase:

29.12. - 20.00: women: LUX-ISL   4-0

30.12. - 16.30: women: LUX-ISL   4-0

30.12. - 19.30: men: LUX-SUI    2-2


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