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Novotel-Cup 2013 - Day 3

Silver Lions and Norwegian Festivals

By Anne Hasdorf


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Photos from third competition day online


Novotel-Cups 2013 go to Norway. Second place for Luxembourg.


Early in the morning at 10 am the first match of the last day took place. The Scottish women faced their neighbour from England. Already in the first set England demonstrated its superiority. The first and the second server served five times in a row, resulting in an impressive lead of 10:3. Scotland was not able to respond, losing at 13. England maintained the pressure in the second set, winning to 10. In the third round Scotland came back into play, but finally lost at 22:25 the third match as the previous ones 3:0.

In the men’s category Norway confirmed its role as odds-on favourite. Winning the first two rounds at 14 and 19, a clear 3:0 victory came into reach, but England reared up once again in the last set - without success. The team from Northern Europe ended its participation in this year's Novotel-Cup at the final score of 25:21, winning the 2013 cup.


Following yesterday's tiebreak thriller against England the lions entered the court unbeaten in the last match against the team from Norway -also two victories on its account: a true final in the women's category.

Despite a spectacular defense the starting six around captain Martine Emeringer had difficulties to cope with the fast and imaginative Norwegian play. At the second technical timeout head coach Detlev Schönberg substituted Godart for Mach, but Luxembourg was not able to catch up, losing at the score of 15:25.

In the second set the host team picked up courage, fighting for every ball. Hoffmann and Braas were able to counter the block of the tall Norwegian women. The crowd was cheering when Luxembourg took over the lead until 18:16, forcing Norway to take a timeout itself. But then the tide turned and Luxembourg could not gain ground anymore, bitterly losing at 18:25.

In the third set Schönberg tried to change the tricky situation by testing the double substitution Palgen - Klerf for Hoffmann - Emeringer, but Luxembourg could not compensate the physical and technical dominance of the Norwegian team and finally lost the third set at 16:25.


The last match for this year's edition: Luxembourg vs. West Bohemia. As the selection from the Czech Republic lost all previous matches, the team from the Grand Duchy prior had been considered the favourite, but Burkhard Disch's protégés, namely Braas, Husi, Koenig, Lentz, Lux, Marold and Vosahlo, faced difficulties to come into play and quickly fell behind. After the second technical timeout Laevaert entered the court for Vosahlo. Luxembourg was able to take over the lead at 19:18 following a couple of services in a row by Koenig, losing again three points in a row until 19:21. The thriller began: 19:21, 23:22, 24:23, 25:24. The tension was released at 27:25 in favour of Luxembourg. In the second set the host team stabilised its play, cutting out self-made mistakes, advancing until 13:9. Middle blocker Zuidberg substituted Lux. Close to the end West Bohemia shortened the distance until 20:19 and Luxembourg luckily scored at 25:23.

The third set went naturally. The young outside hitter Rychlicki replaced Koenig. Luxembourg was not able to be stopped anymore, winning at 25:16.


During the awarding ceremony the cups were handed over by Guy Erpelding, President FLVB, André Hoffmann, President COSL, Marlyse Pauly, Secretary General COSL, Rita Krombach, Member COSL and Jérôme Lefèvre, Director NOVOTEL.

The Norwegian attacker Mari Aase Hole received the Deni KRIVOVA Award, the award for the best young player in the women's category.


Sunday, 06/01/2013



10.00 women SCO-ENG 0:3 (17:25; 23:25; 16:25)
12.00 men   NOR-ENG  0:3 (25:14; 25:19; 25:21)
14.00 women LUX-NOR  0:3 (15:25; 18:25; 16:25)
15.50     Deni KRIVOVA Award
16.00 men   LUX-CZE  3:0 (27:25; 25:23; 25:16)



Rank Team Matches Forfeit Sets Sets Points Points
Total Won Lost Won Lost Won Lost Total
1 NOR - Norway 3 3 0 0 9 0 226 159 6
2 LUX - Luxembourg 3 2 1 0 6 5 230 223 5
3 ENG - England 3 1 2 0 5 6 241 238 4
4 SCO - Scotland 3 0 3 0 0 9 148 225 3


Rank Team Matches Forfeit Sets Sets Points Points
Total Won Lost Won Lost Won Lost Total
1 NOR - Norway 3 3 0 0 9 1 248 183 6
2 LUX - Luxembourg 3 2 1 0 7 3 238 223 5
3 ENG - England 3 1 2 0 3 6 190 210 4
4 CZE - West Bohemia 3 0 3 0 0 9 167 227 3


Final Team List Men (231.90 kB)
Final Team List Women (169.97 kB)


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