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‘Eventizer’ management course helps deliver record-breaking Novotel Cup


from CEV

16 international matches followed by as many as 3,000 fans, 15 very motivated participants from as many as five different countries: these are the main figures of the ‘Eventizer’ management seminar organised by the Luxembourg Volleyball Federation and CEV at d’Coque in Luxembourg City right by the time the FIVB/CEV Development Centre – Luxembourg was playing host to the 28th edition of the annual Novotel Cup.

The ‘Eventizer’, the very first course of that kind on the Volleyball scene, turned into an excellent opportunity for all participants to learn more about the complex processes that contribute to the organisation of an international event, and more specifically of a Volleyball tournament. The course focused on marketing and event advertising, sponsoring, Internet streaming and entertainment activities.

The attendees were tutored and supervised by Sven Rautenberg, who has a wealth of experience in designing, marketing and managing Volleyball and Beach Volleyball events. After covering a series of items during their theoretical classes, the participants were then actively involved in the delivery of the 2015 Novotel Cup, the annual international tournament that was held in the Grand Duchy’s capital for the 28th consecutive year. All participants travelled back home with an extensive knowledge of event management as well as with plenty of ideas to implement once they take up the challenge of organising an international Volleyball competition.


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