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Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Volleyball

Novotel Cup 2011

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Participating teams










USA Stevens Ducks



Bröstl Dieter (GER)
Decker Lynn (LUX)
Hepp Carole (LUX)
Jungen André (GER)
Messerig Carlo (LUX)
Probst Anton (GER)
Schiemenz Volker (GER)
Sikanjic Aleksander (LIE)
Witte Sabine (GER)
Zuidberg Carel (LUX)


In memoriam of Denitza KRIVOVA, player for both the junior and senior national teams of Luxembourg, who died in a tragic car accident on 26th of April 2008, the Volleyball Federation of Luxembourg would like to express its everlasting and emotional attachment to “Deni” by  awarding the “Trophée Deni Krivova” to the most valuable young player of the tournament.


Team Luxembourg

Men: Angelsberg, Belhaouci, Braas, Christophory, Husi, Jungers, Koenig, Laevaert, Lentz, Lux, Stutz, Vosalho, De Castro

Women: Alliaume, Braas, Breuer, Emeringer, Frisch I., Frisch S., Hasdorf, Hoffmann, Mach, Schmit, Weber, Welsch F.


Tournament schedule
Thursday 06.01.11
Arrival of teams, officials and referees.

Friday 07.01.11 - 1st competition day
13.00h Scotland – Iceland (women)
15.00h Scotland – Belarus (men)
17.30h Luxembourg – Liechtenstein (W)
20.00h Luxembourg – USA Stevens Ducks (M)

Saturday, 08.01.11 - 2nd competition day
13.00h Belarus – USA Stevens Ducks (M)
15.00h Liechtenstein – Scotland (W)
17.30h Luxembourg – Scotland (M)
20.00h Luxembourg – Iceland (W)

Sunday 09.01.11 - 3rd competition day
10.00h Iceland – Liechtenstein (W)
12.00h USA Stevens Ducks – Scotland (M)
14.00h Luxembourg – Scotland (W)
16.00h Luxembourg – Belarus (M)
Awards and closing ceremony

Monday 10.01.11
Departure of teams, officials and referees


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