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Welcome to the Novotel-Cup 2011 - Day 2!

by Anne Hasdorf

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2nd Competition Day

The second day of the Novotel-Cup 2010 again comes up with interesting and spectacular matches.


Photogallery here.

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Saturday, 08.01.11 - 2nd competition day
13.00h Belarus – USA Stevens Ducks (M)
15.00h Liechtenstein – Scotland (W)
17.30h Luxembourg – Scotland (M)
20.00h Luxembourg – Iceland (W)


LIVE on www.simba.lu: 20.00h Luxembourg – Iceland (W)

Match 20h30

Luxembourg - Iceland 1:3

  Luxemburg Iceland
1. Set 25
2. Set 22 25
3. Set
20 25
4. Set 19 25


The duel between the host team and the team from the volcanic island represented the early final. Both teams had won their match on Friday against Liechtenstein and Scotland and the winner of this match would become the favorit for the trophy. In the first set, Luxembourg had difficulties to come into play. With a 3:8 deficit the Luxembourgish women entered into the first technical timeout. Effective services by Alliaume brought the home team back into play. After clever feints from the two middle blockers Alliaume and Mach as well as good attacks by outside hitter Braas, Luxembourg was able to take over the lead at the second technical timeout. In the end, Luxembourg was the lucky winner of the first set at a score of 25:23.

In the second set, following a balanced beginning, Luxembourg lost several points in a row until the score of 10:6. The lions did not give up and could again take over the lead at 16:15. Finally, Iceland enforced its attacks and evened out the set ratio at 22:25. The third set then resembled the previous one. In the middle of the set, the host team lost several points in a row, lost track of its own play and were beaten at 20:25. The Luxembourgish coach Andrej Gorbachev changed the setter and the diagonal player - Emeringer for Breuer and Hoffmann for Weber. The new players brought in the needed variation and the lions could gain a solid six-point lead. However, in the end the host team again lost point after point due to lack in concentration. Iceland could also win the fourth and last set at 19:25.


Match 17h30

Luxembourg - Scotland 3:0

  Luxemburg Scotland
1. Set 29
2. Set 25
3. Set


In its second match, the Luxembourgish Men's National team confronted the well-known opponent from Scotland. The Luxembourgish coaching team Disch/Birca trusted again their starting six from Friday. From the beginning on, both teams did not give each other a run for their money, evidenced by the tense score. Whereas Luxembourg could enter the first technical timeout with a one-point lead, the second timeout was announced with a score in favour of the team from the British Island. 16:16, 17:17, 18.18. At 22:20 Luxembourg was able to get for the first time since the middle of the set a two-point lead. However, two self-made failures on Luxembourgish side balanced the score. The young setter Braas, whose participation was decided only on Thursday evening due to some health problems, entered the court for Lux for the service as well as Stutz on the diagonal position for Vosahlo. 24:24, 25:25, 26:26, 27:27. Effective attacks by Belhaouci led again and again to set balls for Luxembourg, but the host team was not able to close the first round until 29:27, when the audience could cheer for the lions.

In the second set, Disch changed again to his starting six. Both teams delivered the audience a spectacular neck-and-neck race, one team always just one point ahead. Under the supervision of the general director of Novotel Hotels Luxembourg, Mr. Eric Laporte, Luxembourg was able to reach a greater lead after the second technical timeout, with captain Ralf Lentz serving. In the end, Luxembourg was able to keep and even extend its four-point lead from 19:16 until the end at 25:20.

Third round - third try. The lions started well and got in the lead earlier than in the two sets before, above all again due to clever feints by the outside hitters Belhaouci and Laevaert. When entering the ten-point barrier, the host team was three-points ahead. Finally, Luxembourg did not hand over this important lead and decided the third and decisive set at 25:21.


Match 15h00

Liechtenstein - Scotland 3:0

  Liechtenstein Scotland
1. Set 25
2. Set 25
3. Set


After the 3:1 defeat against the host team from Luxembourg yesterday evening, Liechtenstein was able to win its first match of the Novotel-Cup 2011. In three clear sets, Liechtstein overcome Scotland. Whereas the princedom dominated the first and third set, Scotland was able to eke out a six-point lead in the second set. In the end, Liechtenstein was able to catch up at 20:20, to take over the lead and to win the second round.


Match 13h00

Belarus – USA Stevens Ducks 3:0

  Belarus USA Stevens Ducks
1. Set 25
2. Set 25
3. Set


After yesterday's defeat against the host team from Luxembourg, the USA college team also underlay in its second match against Belarus. Within three clear sets the young team from Eatern Europe could overcome the college team without any problems. In the end, the USA Stevens Ducks could scor in total 46 points.


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